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Fréquence pékinoise
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Fréquence pékinoise

Compositeur: GAGNON Claude

DZ 484


ISBN: 2-89500-361-0

Ensemble mixte

8 p. + parties séparées


Pipa, violon et guitare

As usual with this publisher, both score and parts are printed in an exemplary way.

Claude Gagnon is a guitar teacher in Quebec performing in various ensembles, a fact, which shows in his writing for the instrument in this piece. The writing is fluent, using exactly the right register to allow the guitar to speak with an equal voice in the company of the panpipes and violin.

The work is full of delightful sonorities and is a joy to play (apart from the last section where the guitar sustains a not too easy left-hand stretch), each instrument has a melodic solo but it is in the ensemble sections that the music really takes flight.

Highly recommended.

Classical Guitar Magazine - John Arran


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