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ZIA: Myth and Folklore of New Mexico

ZIA: Myth and Folklore of New Mexico

Compositeur: WILLIAMS II Joseph V.

DZ 2602


ISBN: 978-2-89737-519-5 

Guitare seule

36 p.


Zia: Myth and Folklore from New Mexico is a collection of concert etudes whose musical and pedagogical focus is timbre and extended techniques. The Zia Symbol (on the cover) represents the sun: a red circle with groups of rays pointing in four directions. It comes from the Zia Pueblo of New Mexico and was adopted as the state flag in 1912. 
As a New Mexico native, I grew up with the Spanish and Native American folklore and mythology integral to the cultural landscape of the region. When I began writing etudes on extended techniques and timbre, I found a sympathetic relationship between this exotic sound palette and the frequently fantastical elements in New Mexican folklore and myth. Therefore, I have associated each etude with a mythic entity or folkloric story. Although the pieces can exist without this association, it is my hope that the extra-musical reference will spark the imagination of the listener and performer, and help to keep these narratives alive in modern consciousness.
Each etude addresses one or more extended techniques and employs timbral contrast as a structural element. The piece is intended for intermediate to advanced guitarists who wish to develop flexibility and proficiency in extended techniques and timbre. 
Zia can be performed in the order presented here or, at the discretion of the performer, in smaller groups or individually.  The seven movements of Zia are roughly 25 minutes. Ideally, the narratives included below should precede each movement. Embellishment and dramatic interpretation of each story is encouraged. In its complete form, the performance is roughly 40-45 minutes in duration. 


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