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ProduitsPartitions pour guitare2 guitares2019 Guitar duo Composition Prized Works

2019 Guitar duo Composition Prized Works

2019 Guitar duo Composition Prized Works

Compositeur: VARIÉS

DZ 3525


ISBN: 978-2-89795-442-0

2 guitares

28 p. + parties séparées


The present edition includes a body of works composed for two classical guitars. It is part of the realisation of the vision of the “Veria International Guitar Festival” (VIGF) and its organizing authorities - of both the “Cultural Enterprise of the Municipality of Veria” (KEPA Verias) and the “Municipal Conservatory of Veria” in Greece - , to enrich the literature of the duo guitar repertoire with new music, a field of high potential for further exploration. This publication is made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of the music publishing house Les Productions d’OZ.

Twenty-seven worldwide entries of exceptionally high level - according to the renowned composer, guitarist and chairman of the jury Dusan Bogdanovic -  where submitted at the “VIGF 2019-2020 Guitar Duo Composition Competition”. A selection of six prized works are published in 2 separate volumes for 2019 and 2020, aiming to form part of the music that professional guitar duos are performing at venues internationally.

As from 2021, the music of the current edition is to be found in the form of a first world recording by established guitar duos “Duo Melis”, “D&A GuitarDuo” and “Duo Kontaxakis-Ivanovic” on a CD by Polish recording label “QBK records”, sponsored by VIGF.

Dimitris Kourzakis-VIGF Artistic Director

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